Monday, 10 October 2016

How to answer kids when they ask about Allah?

Who is Allah, Mom?

Allah is the Robb.
He is the Creator.
He created from nothing to something.
Not like human,
Human create something from existing.
Allah created perfectly. While human created imperfectly.

Imperfectly? Like what, mom?
Well honey, do you know factory? Do you know a car factory build and created car?
But if there is some defects to the car, the manufacturer can recall. Did you heard Allah recall is back for repair defects?

What does Allah looks like, mom?
(Don't run away from.this question, instead answer them the attributes)
Honey, Allah is beautiful, merciful, powerful, lovingly, forgiving, rich.

But, why I never seen Allah?
My love little princess, no one can see Allah. We cannot imagine how Allah looks like because we are naive. But.. we can know him by the attributes. (Show the asmaul husna)

Where is Allah to protect us, mom?
Allah is very near to us and looks at us all the time.
(Don't say "Allah is everywhere")

I pity Him, mom. He must be tired take care of all humans, at all time, right mom?

Remember I said, Allah is the great Creator. He is not a human being.
Allah no need food or sleep or drink.
He is powerful by its own.



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